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Vision loss is primarily caused by age-related disease, but coupled with eye strain from bright lights and glaring computers, reminds us that maintaining healthy eye function is essential.* 

Near the center of the retina at the back of the eye, is the macula, which enables us to focus and differentiate colours. Sadly, the macula tends to inevitably degrade with ageing and oxidative stress.* 

Initially, macular degeneration does not affect vision with symptoms only noticeable following irreversible retinal damage as the incurable disease progresses. 

Risk factors will always be a combination of genetic and environmental factors and whilst you can’t change your age or genetic predisposition, you do have the choice to not smoke, to wear sunglasses, to optimize your nutrition with diet and dietary supplements.*  

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 Specific Information  

Oz Vitamins Better Eyes Supplement Facts - contains a high concentration of combined vision benefiting ingredients comprising of Bilberry (36% Anthocyanidins) (Vaccinium myrtillus) 320mg, Lutein 20mg and Zeaxanthin 4mg daily dose in a one month supply.

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