Earning Points - 

We appreciate you, our customer,  by offering reward points and $$ discounts as you buy from us, refer friends continually and share on social media.

Welcome Points - Get 300 points! - Rewarded when you sign up
Purchase Order Points - Get 5 points for every $1 spent! - Rewarded when your order is paid or shipped
Referral Points - Get 500 points! - Rewarded when your friend makes their first purchase with their 5% coupon that you gifted
Happy Birthday Points - Get 200 points! - You must enter your birth date at least one month ahead of being rewarded

Earn points by social sharing

Sharing on Facebook - Get 75 points! - Rewarded only on your first share
Following on Instagram - Get 75 points! - Rewarded only once for following on Instagram
Sharing on Twitter - Get 50 points! - Rewarded only on your first share

Win points by keeping your eye out for contests

Competition Points - Get ??? points! - Information and announcements on Instagram


Spending Points - 

Use your points to redeem for store coupons and get $$ discounts

$5 Discount costs 500 points, $10 Discount costs 900 points, $20 Discount costs 1700 points