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"Just received my vitamins in the mail today – yay!

I don’t usually bother to review but I just wanted to point out the value these products represent. At first, I thought the Better Eyes were a tad pricey but then you get what you pay for and my eyesight is pretty bad as it is. Personally, I blame school, university and now work! BUT, then I realized that your vitamins are actually great value! I currently have Bilberry supplements and separate Lutein. The strengths are much lower than your product even at full dosages. Eg. My bilberry says 1 up to 3x daily, but in a 30 tab bottle that’s only 10 days. Then I calculated (with my bad eyesight) that I had to take double that to get yours so that would last a whopping 5 days?! Huh? Not to mention there was no Lutein or Zeaxanthin. So, then I bought them ASAP when I realized, and threw in some others too since it was all flat shipping. Plus, all the others had massive quantities of ingredients too. So a big thank you!"

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L***** L** (Sep '16)

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